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The Complete Guide To Rearing An Alien Boyfriend

Author: Li Hua Niang

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Updated: 2021-09-08 00:12:19

Latest chapter: Chapter 189

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Chapter 165 Resident Evil
Chapter 164 Did Brother Kun Lose His Memory?
Chapter 163 Difficult To Figure Out The Truth From The False
Chapter 162 Each Trying To Cheat The Other
Chapter 161 Duang, Strange Opponen
Chapter 160 Bear It Even If You Can'
Chapter 159 Warm-Up Together
Chapter 158 Pk Of Cruel But Delicious Dishes
Chapter 157 Strange Creative Dishes
Chapter 156 Kitchen In Hell
Chapter 155 Psychological Tactics
Chapter 154 Wait For You To Fall In The Trap
Chapter 153 Darkness Before The Dawn
Chapter 152 Survival On The Isolated Island
Chapter 151 Fight For Love
Chapter 150 Winner Takes All
Chapter 149 Rack Their Brains
Chapter 148 Game Of Life And Death
Chapter 147 The Death Of The Sea
Chapter 146 The Devil Under The Mask
Chapter 145 Getting Suspicious
Chapter 144 Love You Forever
Chapter 143 Masked Lover
Chapter 142 Promise To Be With You Forever
Chapter 141 Struggling To Seek But Failing To Ge
Chapter 140 Hidden Love
Chapter 139 The Music Of Charming
Chapter 138 Love The Mos
Chapter 137 The Boundary Of Love And Pain
Chapter 136 Beautiful Things Disappear Easily
Chapter 135 Arrogance And Vanity
Chapter 134 The New Song Of Music Talen
Chapter 133 Brute Yan Wangchuan?
Chapter 132 Visit To The Louvre
Chapter 131 Charming Villa
Chapter 130 As Long As You Are With Me, The Sun Will Always Shine
Chapter 129 Getting Away From The Madding Crowd With You
Chapter 128 Other Aliens?
Chapter 127 What I Eat Is The Art Of Food
Chapter 126 One Just Finished And Another Comes On The Scene
Chapter 125 Chocolate Nigh
Chapter 124 When Dreams Turn Into Reality
Chapter 123 The Battle At The Peak
Chapter 122 Overt And Covert Attack
Chapter 121 Candy Clothing And Couple Outfits
Chapter 120 Seeking Victory By Taking Risks
Chapter 119 The Challenge Of The Reality Show
Chapter 118 Exotic Love
Chapter 117 The Most Romantic Thing
Chapter 116 Flying To Paris
Chapter 115 Weiwei's Secret Weapon
Chapter 114 Embracing In The Gentle Breeze And Getting Wet With Dew Made Of Tears
Chapter 113 Winning Her Hear
Chapter 112 Birthday Party
Chapter 111 Joy And Pleasure In Whose Yard?
Chapter 110 Sneak Attack From A Friend
Chapter 109
Chapter 108
Chapter 107
Chapter 106
Chapter 105 Best Friend's Boyfriend
Chapter 104 A Fairy In The Human World
Chapter 103 – A Broken
Chapter 102
Chapter 101
Chapter 100 The Daily Life Of The Vinegar Itself
Chapter 99 Under The Dress
Chapter 98 Knocking Three Times, I Love You
Chapter 97 Ecstasy Together With Perfect Times And Pretty Sceneries
Chapter 96 Autumn's Colors Cannot Be Contained In Garden
Chapter 95 My Little Wife
Chapter 94
Chapter 93
Chapter 92
Chapter 91 That Cute Dog Was Wangchuan?
Chapter 90 Try Double Bungee Jumping With Me?
Chapter 89 Charming Scenes In The Cave
Chapter 88 Temptation Beside The Waterfall
Chapter 87 Bossy And Bossy-Bitten Tiger Bronze Block
Chapter 86 The Tiger Tally, Imperial Seal Of Dian, And Silk Painting
Chapter 85 The Twelve Treasure-Guardian Families
Chapter 84 The Secret Of Longevity Lock
Chapter 83 Humans Vs White Ape
Chapter 82 Danger Was Approaching Again
Chapter 81
Chapter 80 Mysterious Log Cabin
Chapter 79
Chapter 78
Chapter 77 Being Like A Hoodlum
Chapter 76 I Am Sick
Chapter 75 Dare To Have A Fair Competition?
Chapter 74 Twist And Turn
Chapter 73 A Complicated And Confusing Case
Chapter 72 Him In The Sweet Dream
Chapter 71 Indulge In The Wine
Chapter 70 The White Ape Mountain Ghost?
Chapter 69 The Death Forecast!!!
Chapter 68 Overwhelmed Manliness
Chapter 67 Ready For Starting Businesses
Chapter 66 Kill People With Physical Knowledge
Chapter 65 The Mysterious Cause Of Death
Chapter 64 The Competition Between Foodies
Chapter 63 Stealing Stone From Snakes
Chapter 62 Do You Have A Crush On Me?
Chapter 61 I Am Fan Xiaolu
Chapter 60 Reel Silk From Cocoons
Chapter 59 Windfall
Chapter 58 Investigating The Truth
Chapter 57 Fan Xiaolu Was Abused
Chapter 56 Dowagers Outraged For Her Anger
Chapter 55 At Whom Leering?
Chapter 54 A School Massacre
Chapter 53 Crushing Conspiracy
Chapter 52 Someone Did Some Damage
Chapter 51 Became A Dog?
Chapter 50 The Experience Of Exchanging Life
Chapter 49 Love Each Other Dearly
Chapter 48 The Scene Stayed, But The Person Had Gone
Chapter 47 Overwhelm
Chapter 46 Finally Knew The Pain Of Separation
Chapter 45 Broken Friendship
Chapter 44 Fight Back
Chapter 43 Rescuing
Chapter 42 The Heroine Saved Big Brother Kun
Chapter 41 Pickling Mo Kun
Chapter 40 The Dilemma
Chapter 39 The Deadly Roller Coaster
Chapter 38 Traps Of Madman
Chapter 37 Thriller Paradise
Chapter 36 Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 35 Have Fun
Chapter 34 Everyone Was Born With Dreams
Chapter 33 Flying Flowers Lightly Like Dreams
Chapter 32 What A Deep Love
Chapter 31 Flying Together Like Two Bright-Colored Phoenixes
Chapter 30 Exchange Life?
Chapter 29 Love Deep In The Bone
Chapter 28 The First Time To Titillating The Dream Guy
Chapter 27 Mo Kun's Identity
Chapter 26 Turn With Jealousy
Chapter 25 The Bright Milky Way
Chapter 24 Love Deeply
Chapter 23 The Affection Bloomed And Was Getting Deeper
Chapter 22 Scared By The Eagles' Screams
Chapter 21 The Sprout Of Love
Chapter 20 The Amazing Ability To Tame A Beast
Chapter 19 Where Was Mo Kun?
Chapter 18 Reward Or Punishment?
Chapter 17 Retired Bully
Chapter 16 A Dense Fog
Chapter 15 Mo Kun And Ba Wang's Face Off
Chapter 14 Like The First Meeting
Chapter 13 Everlasting Hatred
Chapter 12 Burning The Heart
Chapter 11 A Strange Game (Cont)
Chapter 10 A Weird Game (Part I)
Chapter 9 Love Deep, Yet Fate Light
Chapter 8 First Love Was More Beautiful Than Time
Chapter 7 Embarrassing Moments
Chapter 6 Campus Beau Made The Time Wonderful
Chapter 5 Right Here Waiting For You To Recall
Chapter 4 Telesthesia
Chapter 3 A Temporary Loss Of Memory
Chapter 2 Stars And Winds Last Night
Chapter 1 Such First Glance