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thisisnuckingfuts > Yama Rising > Chapter 729: The Great Sale (3)
A huge whirlpool appeared right in front of the Pyotr. It was a rift in the mortal realm, through which one could enter the mysterious lands that had been shut off to the rest of the netherworld for over a century on end.

Ivantov stood aboard the Pyotr, drifting into it together with the Alkebulan fleet. His mind was already dull and buzzing numbly, and he could no longer see or hear anything clearly.

Whoosh…The Anglo remained completely still until the moment they were spat out from the other side of the vortex. At once, they saw a city appear right in front of their eyes, together with the adjoining Ashmound Port.

In the past, they would have been elated to see landfall after sailing for such a long period of time. But now…

His heart was simply filled with shock and awe.

It was just any human being’s reaction when they saw Heaven for the very first time. Who would dare look up and gaze at the gods straight in the eye, or openly marvel at the glorious golden gates?

It didn’t occur to Ivantov that he hadn’t even taken a proper look at the appearances of any Emissaries of Hell. After all, it was deeply etched in his heart never to look a god directly in the eye…

“My Lord…” Just then, the lips of one of his adjutants quivered as he recalled the orders of the Council, “We… we’re here…”

“I’m aware…” Ivantov stared blankly at the port. Then, he adjusted his clothes, bowed slightly and cupped his hands respectfully as he disembarked from the Pyotr. And then, he lay prostrate on the ground and kowtowed deeply, “Baron Ivantov of the Russian Underworld seeks an audience with Hell!”

With that, he immediately turned back slightly and hissed as his adjutant, “Have all of the Yin soldiers begin unloading! And forget the damned Council’s orders if you still want to live!”

He didn’t dare look up this whole time.

After approximately 10 minutes of laying prostrate on the ground, a pair of black brocade boots embroidered with patterns of clouds finally appeared in front of him, and a young voice spoke flatly, “Why did you send the Pyotr?”

“Because it has the highest cargo capacity, and occupies the smallest space!” Ivantov kowtowed once more without any hesitation.

The voice above responded at once, “Hmm? That’s all?”

“That’s all!” The netherflames in Ivantov’s eyes flickered wildly as he continued with great trembling, “The Russian Underworld will always remain subservient to Hell! We’ll never do anything that will risk straining this relationship that we have!”


Seconds later, the voice spoke for the third time, “Very well. I appreciate your underworld’s sensibility.”

“Get up. You can do as you please, so long as you keep in mind the rules of this place. Otherwise… the Russian Underworld might well have to call another fleet to pick up the Anglo’s corpse.”


WHOOSH!!!The surface of the waters bubbled violently, transforming into a massive whirlpool that twis

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